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That IS my bag, baby

While we wait for the avalanche of films, everyone is talking about the bag

Wed, May 14, 2014, 22:20


Well, that’s not quite true. A few people are talking about the bag. One or two people are talking about the bag. Anal nutcases are talking about the bag. Everybody who registers for Cannes gets a nice holdall in which to lug around their programme, sandwiches thermos and — if the weather is anything like last year — their galoshes. The 2013 edition was pretty nice. There was a shiny blue one in 2010 that nobody was very sure about. But this year’s sac has got universally good reviews. As you can see, the authorities have broken with tradition and gone for a sort of vertically aligned satchel set-up. This gives it something of the look of a binocular case, but its new shape, without adding any volume, allows for the impression of great depth. We award four stars to this excellent piece of sponsored luggage.

You can also see the official programme which tells us that the next big competition film will be Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner. Mr Leigh screened early in 2010, but, by the time prizes came around, the Jury seemed to have forgotten about Another Year. Does this bode ill for the great man. All will be revealed.