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Watch out for Don’t You Know who I Am?

Larry Love from Alabama 3 stars in a new short by Paul Duane. You can pay ‘n’ view from May 1st.

Mon, Apr 21, 2014, 13:16


Paul Duane, director of Very Extremely Dangerous and Natan, has teamed up with Olaf Tyaransen, busy Hot Press journalist, to deliver a cracking short on the fickle nature of modern fame entitled Don’t You Know Who I Am? Larry Love, leading presence in Alabama 3, plays a rock star who, following the death of a fellow band member, attempts to grieve quietly in Galway. He gets little peace. The adaptation of Olaf’s story is fairly groaning with celebrity cameos. Keep eyes open for a veteran cartoonist, a busy socialite and chieftain of the artistic community. Here’s a trailer…

If this taster waters your spuds then be aware that, after a brief visit here, you will be able to buy the short for a small amount from May 1st. Mr Love will be everywhere that weekend. He can also be seen in the upcoming feature Songs for Amy, which will be in cinemas from May 2nd.