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Movie quiz for April 4th

April is the cruellest month. Breeding tricky connections from the dead land.

Fri, Apr 4, 2014, 01:51


1. Which new release in inspired in part by a story from the Pentateuch?

2. Charles Laughton, Eric Bana, Robert Shaw, Charlton Heston and Sid James all played which historical figure?

3. Which film is set on and around the island community of Amity?

4. Why might Hermione Granger and Jacqueline du Pré make you think of Nigel Bruce and Jude Law?

5. Identify the recent film from this detail of its poster.

6. What were Jonesy, Tonto, Figaro, and Si and Am?

7. Which director’s first four films all featured writing credits for Noel Coward?

8. “Mischief, Mayhem, Soap.” The tagline to which cult movie?

9. Two sets of acting sisters have been nominated in the same Oscar category in the same year. Name them – and for an extra point each, name the four films.

10. What links Albert Lamorisse, J Lee Thompson and Jafar Panahi? (You’ll find the answer in one of this week’s film reviews.)










1. Noah

2. Henry VIII (The Private Life of Henry VIII, That Boleyn Girl, A Man for All Seasons, The Prince and the Pauper, Carry on Henry)

3. Jaws

4. The first couple were played by, respectively, Emma Watson in Harry Potter and Emily Watson in Hilary and Jackie. The second couple played Dr Watson in various Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

5. August: Osage County

6. Cats (in Alien, Harry and Tonto, Pinocchio, and Lady and the Tramp)

7. David Lean

8. Fight Club

9. Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine (For Hold Back the Dawn and Suspicion, 1941), and Lynn Redgrave and Vanessa Redgrave (Georgy Girl and Morgan, 1966)

10. All directed films about balloons of a certain colour (The Red Balloon, The Yellow Balloon, The White Balloon)