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Movie quiz for February 14th

It’s the day to love this brilliant quiz.

Fri, Feb 14, 2014, 03:01


1. Which star, who died earlier this week, was US ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the Velvet Revolution?

2. Which of this week’s releases is, to our knowledge, the first film inspired by a Scandinavian construction toy?

3. Name the star disguised for a premiere at the Berlin Film Festival (photo).

4. Which Tim Burton film saw Vincent Price’s last appearance in a feature?

5. Who has been played by Olivia de Havilland, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Audrey Hepburn and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio?

6. What do Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River have in common?

7. What links Sergeant York, a time travel film directed by Rian Johnson, and Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws?

8. What links Spike Jonze’s latest, an H Rider Haggard adaptation starring Ursula Andress, a 1950s film about giant ants, and a Stephen King TV adaptation featuring Tim Curry?

9. How were Andy Clark, Brian Johnson, John Bender, Clare Standish and Allison Reynolds described in 1985?

10. Which director made four feature films and one short concerning the life of Antoine Doinel?






1. Shirley Temple Black

2. The Lego Movie

3. Shia LaBeouf

4. Edward Scissorhands

5. Maid Marion in various adaptations of Robin Hood

6. All based on novels by Dennis Lehane

7. …ooper (starred Gary Cooper, Looper, played Matt Hooper)

8. All named for personal pronouns (Her, She, Them, It)

9. The Breakfast Club

10. François Truffaut