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Movie quiz for January 24th

Everyone’s favourite Friday quiz is not nearly as good as this one.

Fri, Jan 24, 2014, 02:36


1. Which actress secured a record 18th Oscar nomination last week?

2. What fact links Russell Crowe, Peter Jackson, Jane Campion and Lucy Lawless?

3. Name the (now-sexagenarian, astonishingly) actor pictured in her earlier days.

4. Who is the odd one out: Brick Tamland, Gru, Ricky Bobby, Burt Wonderstone?

5. What links Alexander Payne’s latest, the Coens’ second, Tobe Hooper’s first and Gus Van Sant’s take on Henry IV?

6. Bale, Blanchett, Franklin, Gere, Ledger and Whishaw all played versions of whom in 2007?

7. Which of this week’s releases is loosely based on the life of Dave Van Ronk?

8. What links Dracula, Superman, Captain Von Trapp and Max Shreck?

9. Which was the first film to top $100 million at the US box office?

10. Why might a Gerry Stembridge comedy and Sandra Bullock’s Razzie winner make you think of Anne Baxter?









1. Meryl Streep

2. All born in New Zealand

3. Kim Basinger (in the 1977 TV show Dog and Cat)

4. Ricky Bobby. All the rest were played or voiced by Steve Carell. Will Ferrell played Ricky Bobby.

5. States in their names (Nebraska, Raising Arizona, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, My Own Private Idaho)

6. Bob Dylan (in I’m Not There)

7. Inside Llewyn Davis

8. All played by Christophers (Christopher Lee, Christopher Reeve, Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music, Christopher Walken in Batman Returns)

9. Jaws (1975)

10. Gerry Stembridge directed About Adam. Sandra Bullock was in All About Steve. Both reference All About Eve (1950), which starred Anne Baxter in the title role.