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Movie quiz for January 10th

The quiz-machine lumbers through Desolation Row.

Fri, Jan 10, 2014, 02:21


1. The director of which current release shares his name with one of the Magnificent Seven?

2. Name the very young star in the photo.

3. Who first provided the voice for Mickey Mouse?

4. Lee Remick (1976), Ellen Burstyn (1973), Mia Farrow (1968). What’s the connection?

5. What links Noah Cross, Agnes Browne, Abraham Lincoln and Poseidon?

6. By what name is Betty Joan Perske better known?

7. Why might King Kong and An Affair to Remember make you think of a 1964 Andy Warhol film?

8. The titles of two winners of the best picture Oscar have just four letters. What are they?

9. Who’s the odd one out: LB Jeffries, Scottie Ferguson, Ben McKenna, Roger O Thornhill?

10. What links Born Free, Bride of Frankenstein and Frozen?








1. Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave)

2. Jodie Foster

3. Walt Disney

4. All played mothers (or stepmothers) of demonic children (The Omen, The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby)

5. All played by members of the Huston family (John in Chinatown, Angelica in Agnes Browne, Walter in Abraham Lincoln, Danny in Wrath of the Titans)

6. Lauren Bacall

7. King Kong died on the Empire State Building. The lovers met there in An Affair to Remember. Warhol filmed the building in Empire.

8. Argo and Gigi

9. Roger O Thornill. The rest were all played by Jimmy Stewart in Alfred Hitchcock films. Cary Grant played Thornhill in North by Northwest.

10. Elsa (Name of the lioness in Born Free, Elsa Lanchester played the bride of the monster, the snow queen in Frozen)