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The Noah trailer is here

Darren Aronofsky presents a snippet of his take on the Great Flood. Crowe, Winstone and Hopkins all shout a lot.

Thu, Nov 14, 2013, 17:43


Now, this is confusing. When it was announced that Darren Aronofsky was to direct a film on the Noah’s ark story nobody knew quite what to make of it. Mr Aronofsky is among the most high-brow of quasi-mainstream directors. We all assumed that we were going to end up with a subversive, deeply ironic exercise in deconstruction (or something). After all, he managed to turn his ballet film, Black Swan, into a kind of existential horror film. And he made The Fountain into whatever the hell it was.

YouTube Preview Image

Well, the first trailer tells us more than we might have expected. Russell Crowe is predictably shouty as the title character. But he might be outshouted by both Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins. Poor old Jennifer Connolly — one of our less noisy actresses — is going to have trouble making herself heard as Mrs Noah. And as for wee Emma Watson… Well, let’s not got stuck into her until the film opens. She has a puzzling number of fans.

The real surprise is that it looks as if Aronofsky is playing it straight. If that is the case then this is going to be a very interesting release. We could end up with a film that annoys Aronofsky’s core constituency in Brooklyn while selling many tickets in the states that made The Passion of the Christ such an enormous hit. Then again, we may have it all wrong. The picture could and up as a colossal gag. It is unlikely to be in any way boring. Oh, and one more thing. Why do the studios insist on imposing the most appalling temp music tracks on such trailers. We can safely assume, I think, that Clint Mansell’s soundtrack will be a good deal less irritating.