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Movie quiz for November 8th

Apologies for the delay. It’s finally time for the hugely popular (well, quite popular) weekly quiz

Fri, Nov 8, 2013, 15:47


1. Which John Ford film concerns the romance between Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher?

2. Posters to which of this week’s releases carry the tagline: “Don’t let go”?

3. What comes before Stand, Airbender, Exorcism and Waltz?

4. What links Loki, Bane, Maverick and Woody?

5. Which sequel was called The Road Warrior in the US?

6. What do Daphne Du Maurier, Walter Tevis, Roald Dahl and Lucy Irvine have in common?

7. Which Irish building is said to provide the model for a Jedi library in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones?

8. Who is sparring with Sylvester Stallone in this cropped snap from the 1977 Oscars?

9. Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart scored four. Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman scored three. How many did Gregory Peck score?

10. Glenn, Ward, Harris, Frank: What’s the sequence?


1. The Quiet Man

2. Gravity

3. The Last…

4. All played by Toms (Tom Hiddleston in Thor, Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Tom Hanks in Toy Story)

5. Mad Max 2

6. All wrote books made into films by Nicolas Roeg (Don’t Look Now, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Witches, Castaway)

7. The Long Room in Trinity College Dublin

8. Muhammad Ali

9 Two. Questions refers to the number of Hitchcock films featuring each star.

10. The actors who, in The Right Stuff, played the first four Americans in space (Scott Glenn as Alan Shepard, Fred Ward as Gus Grissom, Ed Harris as John Glenn, Charles Frank as Scott Carpenter)