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Capolavoro is a masterpiece

Among the best ways of wasting time while playing Grand Theft Auto V is to attend an art film uptown.

Sun, Sep 29, 2013, 19:52


In the unhappy event that you do not have a copy of Grand Theft Auto V in your house, you will be unable to see one of the year’s most interesting and incomprehensible avant-garde films. Beginning with the sort of dying horse you expect to encounter in a Bela Tarr picture — The Turin Horse most obviously — Capolavoro then moves on to a surreal conversation about art and experience acted out in a world that Fellini might mistake for his own. “You should embrace hell,” someone says. “At least you know some people there. Like Luigi.”

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If you can’t decide whether you prefer French, Spanish or Italian cinema then fear not, Capolavoro (which actually means “masterpiece”) features dialogue in all three languages. You can see it in the cinema that looks a little like Grauman’s Chinese Theater. If you don’t like it then you can take out your vengeance on any passersby with your assault rifle.

As I suggested in a column yesterday, going to see Capolavoro (or playing golf or driving aimlessly) allows the person who works from home to experience nested guilt within guilt. I should really be working rather than playing GTA. I should really be carrying out missions within the game rather than monkeying about with side pursuits and so forth. You can see how this goes.