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Farewell, Cinerama

The best movie show on the wireless is no more

Sun, Sep 8, 2013, 21:47


On Thursday, we said goodbye to Cinerama, the excellent movie show, presented by Gavin Burke, which has been retired by Phantom 105.2 after several years of buzz and good cheer. Both Tara Brady and I have appeared regularly on the show in recent times and we enjoyed every second. I can’t think of many other movie shows that packed the studio with people who really cared about the art. The conversations were always funny, energised and sincerely felt. Who knows? It may rise again somewhere else in the near future. This photograph shows us enjoying a hearty laugh on the last day. Happily, we were able to go out on a high with strong reviews for The Great Beauty and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

L to R: Donald Clarke, Tara Brady, Gavin Burke, Daniel Anderson, Nicola Timmins, David O’Mahony, Neil Austin