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When a child is born…

Private Eye makes terse comment on the royal birth in double-quick time.

Tue, Jul 23, 2013, 17:09


To London for conversations concerning Alan Partridge in Alpha Papa. Late last night, some sort of baby or other was born to a German man and a party-favours heiress. The event arrived at what should have been a very bad time for the venerable Private Eye magazine. As they reveal in this week’s edition, the organ is put to bed on Monday night. Undaunted, they ¬†have made lemonade from that particular lemon. Though the mag doesn’t have any specific information about the birth (like all today’s papers you might cynically remark) the publishers managed to get this fabulous cover onto the newsstands in double quick time. Here it sits at Paddington Station in the penumbra of the Heathrow Express.

As I move through the rarified world of British media, I struggle to find anybody who gives ¬†hoot. Yet there it is on the front of the (supposedly) leftie Guardian. The body that Christine Hamilton apparently refers to as Buggers Broadcasting Communism (work it out) also went big with the birth. Arch-Republican (in the UK sense) Steve Coogan tells me that Alan Partridge will, at tomorrow’s premiere in Norwich, have something positive to say about it all. But then you’d expect that.