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That trailer for Wolf of Wall Street

The promo for Martin Scorsese’s take on Wall Street excess is with us

Sun, Jun 23, 2013, 22:00


Everybody is talking about the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. Well, that’s not quite true. Very few people are talking about it, but everybody I know is talking about it. Which only goes to show what a sheltered life I lead. Now, here’s what we’re saying. To at least two people I remarked: “It looks really great. But it does look a little like Good Fellas goes to Wall Street. And, let’s be honest, Casino was Good Fellas go to Las Vegas. Blah, blah, blah. Drone, drone, drone.”

Anyway, after smelling salts were administered, these two people remarked: “And what the hell was wrong with Casino? Casino rules and you’re an idiot.” Okay, let’s leave that all alone for the moment. For one thing, the trailer is not that like Good Fellas. Yes, it does suggest that the picture — based on the story of¬†Jordan Belfort‘s notorious adventures in the stock market — relies heavily on voice-over and is at home to freeze-frames. But the promo seems to be going big on comedy. Sure, Good Fellas was funny. But this points us towards something more consistently absurd. Certainly, we’re not holding back on ridiculing the excess of the money business. The dwarf-throwing section is a case in point. The unstoppable¬†Matthew McConaughey is back as a particularly vulgar manipulator. Not for the first time, Leo DiCaprio appears to be firing up the smug charisma for Marty. LDC does this sort of thing better than almost anybody. See Django Unchained for further proof.

What we can say with some confidence is that, however the film may turn out, this is a masterpiece of the trailer-makers art. Gifted in his use of “classic rock” and classical music”, Scorsese has never been quite so confident in his exploitation of more contemporary forms. But whoever thought to score the beats here to (thank you, Shazam) Black Skinhead by Kanye West was really onto something. If the film cracks along so excitingly we are in for a treat.

So, you’re excited. Right? Well, calm right down. The bloody thing is not due to be with us until January 14th 2014. Stupid bloody Oscar season.