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Un Certain Regard fires into action with The Bling Ring

It’s the hipper, noisier strand. Go, Sofia!

Thu, May 16, 2013, 14:38


To the Salle Debussy for the opening of the premiere sidebar event of the Cannes Film Festival. It is, actually, a bit unfair to refer to UCR in those terms. Over the years, the winner of that event has often gone on to become more celebrated than the holder of the relevant year’s Palme d’Or. This year the team have picked a high-profile quasi-commercial release to kick things off. As you will be aware, The Bling Ring is Sofia Coppola’s take on a notorious story concerning a group of teenagers who, in 2009, robbed the homes of a clutter of LA celebrities.

Oh hurry up and take your seat. Look how early the Irish Times is.

Ms Coppola’s photograph graces the lobby of the theatre. A full review of her picture will appear tomorrow. Suffice to say it will do well enough. It’s better than the director’s useless Somewhere. But doesn’t quite count as a fully fledged “return to form”. You can, at least, enjoy some good music: the film kicks off with a number from Sleigh Bells. You can also laugh at a celebrity. One small performance was so extraordinarily terrible that I immediately thought: now this guy must be somebody or other. He was. He was that Gavin Rossdale from that band. Go back to doing what you do, sir.