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The most annoying trailer of the month

There’s product placement galore in the trailer for the latest Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn outing.

Thu, Apr 25, 2013, 16:51


Well, there’s a provocative headline. The Internship doesn’t look in any way remarkable. The high concept could easily have been sketched on the smallest of napkins: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson get jobs as interns at a major IT company. Everyone’s, like, much younger than they are. So, like, the boys make jokes about Flashdance and nobody understands what they are, like, talking about. It’s Old School with computers. There are, surely, worse things in heaven and earth.

YouTube Preview Image
What’s annoying is the outrageous product placement for Google. That is, indeed, the company at which our heroes end up. It’s slightly ludicrous when, in mainstream flicks, the protagonist types search options into some imaginary engine called CompFind or something. That convention is about as silly as the one that grants every fictional character a phone number beginning with “555″. But there is a happy medium. The product placement here is crazy. Maybe, the film will be a savage indictment of Google’s corporate practices. It’s possible (subtext: no, it isn’t). But the trailer just plays like a straight commercial. We all got a bit iffy when, in Cast Away, Tom Hanks kept standing next to FedEx packages, planes and dockets. That film did not, however, feature FedEx’s font throughout its advertising material. They really do that here. Watch the bleeding trailer and peruse the poster above.

Anyway, other search engines are available. Just type “search engine” into Google. Oh, blast. What have I said.