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We recommend Llamas with Hats

This amusing camelid-based cartoon from Film Cow features has fun with death and dismemberment. Carrrrl!

Tue, Apr 9, 2013, 22:48


Yes, I know that you don’t want to hear about another hip webtoon from some bloke in stupid Brooklyn. Don’t worry. If I’ve heard of it then it’s probably about as hip as Jethro Tull (the band or the agricultural innovator). In fact, this video was posted a full two years ago. Never mind. You have to love this superb series of absurd snippets from the good people at Film Cow. We are also great fans of Marshmallow People, but those adventures concerning psychotic confections interacting violently with triangles are just a little too disturbing. It’s like watching In The Night Garden while recovering from a bout of Malaria. Or something.

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Not that Llamas with Hats is exactly cuddly. The scenario is simple. In each episode a nice cuddly Llama in a lady’s hat quizzes his friend Carl about some recent atrocity. On each occasion Carl turns out to be responsible. Why am I explaining this? Each film is shorter than your average Ramones song. Just watch the thing and make up your own mind. Unless I am very wrong, you will, after a few watches, find yourself repeating the one-word catchphrase to yourself every time something goes wrong in life. “Caaaarl!” That’s what they say.

If you know anything about Film Cow — and you might not — you will know that it was behind the hugely popular Charlie the Unicorn sequence. First released in the Dark Ages that was 2005 the series became so popular that Steele released a parody of his own work called Charlie teh Unicron [sic]. The idea was to play tricks with those YouTube users who mistyped the name of their favourite cartoon. Get any more snarkily post-modern than that and you risk disappearing up Jorge Luis Borges’ bum tube. Enjoy.