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At the Hugh Lane with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise attends Irish Film Board event before the premiere of Oblivion. The Irish Times team was there.

Wed, Apr 3, 2013, 20:12


To the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin’s historic Parnell Square where, courtesy of the good people at Universal Pictures, we got to enjoy Tom Cruise (pictured above to the right of Universal honcho Dave Burke) being welcomed to Ireland by the Irish Film Board. Mr Jimmy Deenihan,¬†Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, made a speech and then lured our Tom to the podium. He is now, more than ever, ours. He’s got that certificate of Irishness to prove it and everything. There were fine canap√©s and champagne. The Cruiser did a good job of bigging up all things Irish. And so forth.

Not being a natural social diarist, I am not entirely sure how to work spottings of various celebrities into the “blog”. So, I’ll just list the ones that I definitively identified: top model Yvonne Keating, top RTE chatmeister Pat Kenny, top actor Liam Cunningham, top actress Amy Huberman, top film-makers Kieran J Walsh and Gerard Barrett, top novelist Cecilia Ahern, various others.

L to R: Ms Tara Brady, Mr Owen O’Neill, Ms Esther McCarthy. Photo: Screenwriter.

After the festivities, Tom headed off to the nearly adjacent Savoy Cinema for the premiere of his new science fiction flick Oblivion. No doubt, as ever, he gave his time freely to the waiting hordes. Indeed, footage of that event has, almost certainly, already been on the telly. Thank you for having us, folks. (See how well I was brought up?)

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