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Further musings on the JDIFF weekend

Highlights of the weekend and tips for tomorrow.

Mon, Feb 18, 2013, 16:28


As is often the case with the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, one finds oneself hurrying in a slight tizzy from one venue to the next. A kind of weird mobile community forms itself. Look’s there’s that large bloke who was a the Polish film. Here’s that lady with the funny hat.

Many of the set were at the screening of  Keith Farrell’s A Terrible Beauty on Saturday night. Mr Farrell has put together an ambitious study of the Easter Rising on a modest budget. For once, he allows equal time to the British forces and the rebels. The oddest aspect of the screening was the presence of cast members in costume. One rather got the impression that A Terrible Beauty had already become a sort of Rocky Horror Picture Show for the history set. I resisted the temptation to bellow out significant lines as the picture progressed. If you missed A Terrible Beauty, you can catch it at some point on TG4.

We also enormously enjoyed the wonderfully peculiar Blancanieves at The Savoy on Saturday morning. A version of Snow White  featuring much bullfighting action, the picture offers a touching tribute to silent film of the 1920s. Sound familiar? Yes, The Artist has somewhat queered the film-makers’ pitch. But this is (say it quietly) at least as good as that Oscar-winning film. Keep eyes peeled.