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With Robert Towne at JDIFF

The legendary screenwriter of Chinatown, The Last Detail and Shampoo touches down at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Sun, Feb 17, 2013, 16:10


Look. It’s Robert Towne. The writer of Chinatown, The Last Detail and many other classics was at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival today for a screening of Shampoo and a conversation with your current correspondent. The selection of Shampoo, an off-centre sex comedy starring Warren Beatty, was, in many ways, a canny piece of programming. Chinatown is better known, but the later film came at a very interesting point in Hollywood history. In our conversation, Towne did not dispute the legend that a golden era for mainstream America came to an end with the release of Jaws in 1975. While Shampoo was making the case for grown-up cinema that defied categorisation, the Spielberg film — which Towne greatly admires — was demolishing records and forcing home event-movie thinking. As Robert put it today, the business became more about the cereal box than the cereal inside.

In later years, the great man plied his trade as a script doctor and eventually emerged as chief writer on the first two Mission: Impossible films. He told us that his next big project is a film based on The Battle of Britain. This has been done before, of course. For the 30th anniversary of the outbreak of war, a rather garbled, deeply star-studded film sprawled across thee world’s cinemas. Towne looks to develop a film that gets closer to the characters and offer a more lucid explanation of the strategies.

We wave him goodbye and wish him all the best.