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Claudia Cardinale is on the Cannes poster The 70th edition sides with a Cannes veteran for its ubiquitous image
How do films like CHiPs get made? Who is this for? Why is it polluting cinemas?
Brett Ratner says Rotten Tomatoes is killing cinema Well, he ought to know. Ha ha ha!
Movie quiz for March 24th Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me. Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee,
Terminator is dead. Terminator rises again. The studios can't decide of we're going to get another Terminator film
Colin Farrell to play Oliver North The Dubliner has shown very good taste in his recent choices
Alt-right goons vote Amy Schumer special down on Netflix The comic's latest standup special holds a fishy one-star rating on Netflix. What's the point of online ratings?
Those upcoming Disney live action remakes in full Beauty and the Beast is currently chewing up the box office. There is much more where that came from.