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So long, Pop Life


Wed, Mar 9, 2016, 19:01


I’ve been writing this blog since May 2012, and nearly four years later it’s over. So long, Pop Life!

As well as continuing to write columns, features, interviews, and other articles for the Irish Times, I’ll also be concentrating on writing online-only opinion pieces, which have been appearing on the Irish Times website every Wednesday since the beginning of February, along with my separate print column on Mondays. These online columns will allow me to explore a wider range of subjects and be more responsive to events during the week. You can read the latest one about a campaign to honour more women with the Freedom of the City of Dublin here, as well as following the hashtag #FreeWomen on Twitter.

I’ve had a blast ranting, raving, informing, debating, and posting on this blog, (especially the PopLives Q&As which I’ll hopefully return to at some stage in another form somewhere else), but there are only so many hours in the day!

Thanks to all of the Pop Life readers, arguers, sharers, commenters and contributors for hanging around this blog.

You can keep up to date with my Irish Times articles here.