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Mon, Aug 11, 2014, 08:01


Glen Hansard performed ‘The Auld Triangle’ at an LA performance of Once: The Musical.
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Geena Davis joins Greys Anatomy.

Going underwater with James Cameron.

Plot lets you rent a garden to chill.

I loved Bears In Space. Other people do too.

The legal tale of Sarah Lund’s jumper.

The first item on the Bad Baby TAL podcast is sad and disturbing. here is the mother’s blog on her parenting experiences.

Terrible incident in NASCAR.

I love MIA: Soliloquy of a Dream – a photo series by Wayne Lawrence of people hanging out on South Beach. (via the always excellent Mutant Space blog)

What’s the deal with Linda Perry’s reality TV show?

15 queer female hip-hop acts you should know. Loads of good stuff in here, like Amplify Dot:
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