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The Queen Of Ireland

Funding a documentary on Panti.

Tue, Aug 5, 2014, 10:43


Conor Horgan (One Hundred Mornings) has been following Panti with a camera on and off for the past few years, intent on making a documentary on one of Ireland’s most interesting performers. Of course, the doc took on a whole new life and momentum during and in the aftermath of the Pantigate affair earlier this year, which propelled Panti from an Irish gay icon to a national f***ing treasure and global news story. Now, the documentary, The Queen Of Ireland, is really taking off. Producing the film are Katie Holly and Ailish Bracken, with Aoife Kelly as assistant producer.

At the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival at the weekend, Horgan presented a ten minute preview of the documentary. It looks FANTASTIC, and mirrors Rory O’Neill and Panti’s personality; funny, smart, insightful, indignant, and incredibly quick witted. Even in that short preview, there were some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments, and a warmth and energy that just radiated from the screen. When people were talking outside the cinema afterwards, there was lots of chatter about how big this Irish documentary could be, how it could speak to a global audience, how it could really reach lofty heights for Irish filmmaking, how the subject matter and timing is perfect, and how this is a story about Irish society, culture, and people that simply hasn’t been told before. As a fan of Irish film, I find that very exciting.

But the makers of this film need the cash to get it over the line. A new Indiegogo campaign is attempting to raise €50,000 to do just that, and I think it’s a great project to throw a few quid at. So give what you can if you want to be part of what looks to be a super exciting piece of work.