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In Ulysses: Proteus [Part 1]

A crowd-funding project seeks to reimagine Ulysses in virtual reality.

Mon, Jun 16, 2014, 16:06


Check out this new FundIt campaign from director, software maker dude and Ulysses fan Eoghan Kidney, seeking to bring Ulysses into the VR headset realm.

Eoghan was the person who recommended Frank Delaney’s re:Joyce podcasts to me which finally unlocked an understanding of Ulysses after years of frustrated reading attempts. I’m still getting through it, but the more ways of experiencing Ulysses, the better.

Kidney says,
“As a user of ‘In Ulysses’ walks along a virtual Sandymount Strand, the book will be read to them – they will hear Stephen [Dedalus]‘s thoughts as they are written – but these thoughts will then be illustrated around the user in real-time using textual annotations, images and links. A user can stop walking (therefore stopping Stephen walking) and explore these illustrations, gaining insight into the book and adding to the enjoyment of it.

This will be a prototype version for a larger project, with future versions exploring the experience of the book’s very own Leopold Bloom.

A fun experience, a next-gen E-Book and an educational tool exploring the meanings hidden within the language of James Joyce’s masterpiece – ‘In Ulysses’ will be a new way of reading Joyce’s work.

In Ulysses it will be designed in Unreal Engine 3 for use with one of the new generation VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, but it will also be available on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android. I have already begun developing the project and will use the funding to purchase hardware and software, record the text using an actor and spend three months finishing the scene and illustrations for part of the Proteus chapter.”

Ulysses X VR: it’s what Joyce would have wanted.