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Draw Something

Some of my favourite pop culture tributes and their artists at the moment.

Thu, Jun 5, 2014, 17:51


Jon White is the guy behind the amazing ’17 People’, an online tribute to the West Wing episode of the same name. It’s an epic piece of fandom, analysing themes, characters, and so much more.

Fatti Burke is a brilliant Dublin illustrator. I love her Simpsons and Scott Pilgrim-inspired pieces.

Mick Minogue is lashing out some brilliant Game of Thrones action figures. So good.

Sarah Fox envisaged this amazing John Cage app to celebrate Cage’s 100th birthday.

Stephen Byrne is an Irish cartoonist living in Seattle with a penchant for spot on pop culture references; pin-up superheroes and a Disney Doctor Who are just a couple of his recent concoctions.

Fuchsia MacAree’s booklet on moral panics on Irish radio is an amazing simultaneous homage to and satire of Joe Duffy’s Liveline.