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New Dublin alternative music station replaces Phantom.

Mon, Mar 31, 2014, 13:19


There were almost too many goodbyes to handle as Phantom wound down having depleted in listenership yet securing its place in Irish indie history.

That was the bad news. The good news is, there’s a new radio station – or a rebranded one at least – called TXFM replacing it on the same frequency, 105.2fm, which also incorporates some Phantom alumni.

On weekdays, TXFM features Cathal Funge in the mornings, Claire Beck in the afternoons, Joe Donnelly in the drive time slot, Kelly Ann Byrne in the evenings, followed by some more niche shows at night; soul and funk with Brian Keaveney, a folk-y Americana feel with Gavin Glass, Nialler9 playing everything, and electronic and hip-hop with Derek Byrne. On the weekends, there’s an Irish language show with Orlagh Donnelly, a show from Totally Dublin, another with Bodytonic, Nadine O’Regan returns, a sports ‘n’ music show, reissues and remasters with John Caddell playing some older stuff, a live session show, and a randomiser with Claire O’Dowd.

So it’s good to see the air isn’t dead, and it’s also good to see a radio station that isn’t populated by blokes, which is generally the rule in Irish radio. Best of luck to all the presenters.