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The SXSW digest

A bunch of people writing about what happened in Austin.

Tue, Mar 18, 2014, 13:43


NME runs through the stories of the festival.

Jim Carroll has a load of great coverage over on his blog.

NPR has some great shots.

The problem with Lady Gaga’s “vomit artist”. And here’s stuff on her keynote.

A decent list of the 10 biggest buzz bands, which you always need.

Some words in the New York Times about the sponsorship-band-fest that is SXSW.

No sleep, no badges, no clean clothes, how some start-ups “do” SXSW.

The Irish animated short ‘Coda’ won in its category.

After the awful crash that killed three people some soul-searching.

Wired thinks these are the most fascinating people at SXSW Film.

(Photo via SXSW.com)