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Gayly Digest

As LGBT History month draws to a close, your regular Daily Digest goes gay.

Fri, Feb 28, 2014, 17:29


Here’s a really interesting piece about the difficulties surrounding whether or not gay people should be open about their sexuality while travelling to homophobic countries. The fairest advice contained in it is this: “if you feel you have to lie when you travel – lie. Because it’s possible to lie for the sake of self-preservation without being cowardly.” I’d agree with that, sometimes it’s just too risky. I have a huge amount of sympathy for people who deny or lie about their sexuality out of a fear for personal safety or even awkwardness or discomfort, especially people not just travelling to but working in countries where homosexuality is punishable by prison or execution, or where there is a pervasive and blatant homophobic atmosphere and/or discourse.

Fantastic post on Autostraddle about 100 black LGBTQ women you should know.

‘Looking’ has got another season.

This study about prejudice and mortality is fascinating: LGB individuals who lived in communities with high levels of anti-gay prejudice have a shorter life expectancy of 12 years on average compared with their peers in the least prejudiced communities.

A pre-Oscars chat with Ellen.

The governor of Arizona has vetoed the anti-gay Bill there.

An analysis of the proliferation of discrimination laws.

Freeheld is obviously going to be amazing.

The GALAS are on Saturday.

Listen to the awesome interview Jim Carroll did with John Grant at last year’s Other Voices festival in Dingle.

Lesbians like getting married in Utah.