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Wed, Feb 19, 2014, 13:43


The username is a relic.

A well-known LGBT activist was detained at Sochi, although officials are denying it happened.

New tune from Trust, ‘Are We Arc?’

Here’s an interesting article on the methodology used to catalogue Detroit’s thousands of abandoned and dilapidated buildings.

Confusion Through Sand: check out the trailer for this animated film made from recycled paper.
YouTube Preview Image

Bob Casale from Devo has died, age 61.

New York’s gentrification in GIF form.

Thought-provoking piece on how although Netflix’s shows mightn’t be “better” than HBO’s that’s not all that matters.

It’s the TV pilots/development scorecard!

Time for some fluxus: Alison Knowles, ‘Three Songs‘.

Wearable tech aimed at teens, check out the NEX band.

An interview with Jonny Greenwood about his solo work.