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You wait for one Kool Thing side project to come along…

And then the Irish-Australian-French band unleashes two.

Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 13:04


Kool Thing are one of my favourite Irish-ish acts, and when not busy legging it around Europe, they’ve been expanding on the sound of the individual members with two new side projects.

First up is ATMA aka Jon Dark, with these five tracks which you can pre-order now, titled ‘Remedy In Motion’. The first single ‘Roses’ is a beautiful, sad, calm track, with a staccato guitar riff underpinning a layered vocal.

Meanwhile, drummer Valetin Plessy has released an album of his own, under the name A Minus, which you can get here. A Minus’ ballsy and fun electro-pop shows a totally different side to him as a musician.

(photo via here)