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Thu, Jan 9, 2014, 14:48


(photo via indiewire)

Afternoon tunes: Ghostboy and Jon Averill’s set from Mother on December 28th.

Is this the greatest ever brace of speeches at an award ceremony? It’s definitely up there. Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson raised the roof with a hilarious tribute from Streep to Thompson and a follow-up by the latter at the National Board of Review awards gala. Brilliant stuff. Top buzzers.

Will the Oscars go near The Hobbit? It could even mean an Oscar nod for Ed Sheeran.

Check out the interview Miriam O’Callaghan did with Eilish O’Connor on the John Murray Show. O’Carroll plays Winnie in Mrs. Brown’s Boys and riffed on everything from fame to sexuality.

Joseph Roche is an Irish guy who wants to go to Mars and never come back. And he might just get there.

James Vincent McMorrow talks to Tony Clayton-Lea ahead of the release of the awesome ‘Post-Tropical’.

Good post by Jim Carroll on the Jenny Lauren coverage.

Kinda into this tune of a Foals-y Everything Everything-nature by Tell No Foxx avec earnest 80s vocals.

Happy Birthday Brian Friel.

Fantastic article by Helen Lewis on “a tale of two trolls” – John Nimmo and Isabella Sorley – who abused Caroline Criado-Perez. Gaby Hinsleff follows up in The Guardian with a piece on boredom and trolling.

Beyoncé being amazing as usual.