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FucknFilthy returns

The Dublin label’s Filthy Club collection pops up this week.

Tue, Nov 26, 2013, 16:08


It’s rare that Irish-made t-shirts excel beyond parochial Hairy Baby-esque slogans and just-good-enough design, but Joshua Gordon’s FuckNFilthy brand is one of a few Irish companies that stands up internationally. His website collates interesting photography, graphic art, video, and a smattering of small design-led lookbooks of brands for people who care about who collaborated on the graphic for a t-shirt’s pocket logo or the stitching on a sweater’s Dorito.

The Filthy Club’s new collection launches November 29th, with a pop up shop at Indigo & Cloth in Temple Bar in Dublin. I&C is my favourite clothing store in Ireland – yes, even though it stocks blokey clothes. The design of the store (by Design Goat), the quality of the clothes, shoes, hats and bags they stock, the magazines, the coffee = all excellent.

Gordon, also a photographer, will launch the online store for this collection on December 5th. You can read his PopLives installment here, and a recent interview with Wonderland Magazine here.