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An Irishman Abroad

Jarlath Regan’s podcast series has some great interviews.

Wed, Nov 13, 2013, 13:49


I don’t know how I’m only coming across Jarlath Regan’s Irishman Abroad pocast ten episodes in, but better late than never. The latest episode has a decent and revealing interview with Chris O’Dowd. It would be great if there were more women featured in this series, but the brilliant Sharon Horgan pops up in episode four.

Bonus podcast material #1
Here’s Lady Gaga’s long interview with Howard Stern, which is really a fantastic listen.

Bonus podcast material #2
The latest Kermode and Mayo film podcasts feature Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode with Jude Law (Nov 8th) and a review of How To Survive A Plague, and then David Morrissey and James King sat in for Kermode and Mayo on Nov 1st and talk to Joseph Gordon-Levitt about Don Jon, and to Alfonso Cuaron about Gravity, and also review the excellent Philomena.

Bonus podcast material #3
My buddy Dylan Haskins and his buddy Lisa Hannigan have been working away on Soundings, so if you’re looking for a new arts podcast, check it out.