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Check out the trailer for a new four-part RTE One drama

Wed, Nov 13, 2013, 12:11


Amber is an upcoming series from Screenworks, a new enough production company who previously had a Storyland project (I think that would have been the first year of the Storyland scheme when Hardy Bucks won), so I think it’s fair to say that this is their first production that’s a big deal.

Set in the modern ‘burbs of Sandyford, it’s an interesting concept for an Irish TV drama – a non-linear story that focuses on one specific character in each episode.

Eva Birthistle – quite an underrated actor in my opinion – stars, along with David Murphy, and newbie Lauryn Canny in the title role. Justine Mitchell is in there too, you might remember her from Your Bad Self, and she’s also in the upcoming Irish feature The Stag, which is getting a good bit of buzz.