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Mon, Oct 21, 2013, 13:01


Interesting article in the Observer yesterday about the working environment for people in Amazon’s vast warehouse in Leipzig.

I wrote this piece about the ghost of the Celtic Tiger haunting Dublin.

Cool landscape photos to check out as the new Landscape Photographer of the Year awards are announced.

Crazy Eyes!
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Really good conversation-starter by Jim Carroll on re-imagining the jobs market in Ireland.

Will Coca-Cola do anything about Russia’s anti-LGBT laws? There’s a petition here.

Dick Cheney’s heart.

Donna Tartt in conversation with Sinead Gleeson. Can’t wait for this!

Here’s a really interesting report on the experiences of LGBT people in entertainment.

Peaches talks about loads of stuff, including filmmaking.

Great article over on Autostraddle about sexism in the tech industry.

The implications¬†for Benedict Cumberbatch as ‘Fifth Estate’ aint doin so well.

Dave Smith from Mabos’ v interesting TEDxDublin talk.
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