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The Brian Eno lecture

Watch the video of Eno at the Red Bull Music Academy.

Fri, Oct 18, 2013, 10:39


I wrote this post back in May about Brian Eno’s lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York, and I’ve found myself revisiting a lot of the themes in that lecture.

I go to a lot of talks because you always learn something. You’re met with ideas and they grease the cogs of your brain. You remember key quotes. You take notes and let things percolate for a while until they’re ready to come back to and be formed into something new. In the past month, that could be Philip King speaking at Banter in Kinsale last weekend where he mentioned something his late friend Seamus Heaney said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “You get up in the morning and look down and remember nothing is beneath you. Then you look up and realise nothing is beyond you. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find your way.” Or it could be Ira Glass at the Phil in Trinity giving out about how boring RTE radio is. Or it could be craning a head into the LaunchPad sessions at HWCH and hearing people talk about their start ups. In the next few weeks it could be The Web Summit, or Malcolm Gladwell in the RDS, or Banter in the Burren, or a talk about housing in Dublin at Twisted Pepper. The seeds of ideas fly around, some settle, some disappear, but it’s all valuable.

But Eno’s lecture in New York still stands out for me as one of the greatest conversations I’ve heard in this kind of context. So I thought I’d put the video up. It’s not new, but it’s well worth listening to.

The video is via Red Bull Music Academy, and it’s well worth keeping tabs on what they’re up to in general.