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Don’t Tweet

Think it, maybe. Tweet it? Definitely not. (Image via digitaltrends.com)

Mon, Oct 14, 2013, 12:53


At Banter during the Come Home For Your Tea installment of the Kinsale Arts Festival over the weekend, myself, Damien Mulley and Jim Carroll talked about the future of social media. I was probably overly negative, outlining a vaguely dystopia-tinged outlook of what happens when we stop actually communicating with each other as humans and outsource emotions, relationships, rage and connections to technology.

I do think there’s a well-placed growing concern about the impact digital technology is having on our lives. I can’t stand how juvenile and pointless SnapChat is. For years, dating ads have reduced people to short word counts and crap adjectives, and this is continuing with Tinder and co as people are reducing their personality profiles. I think in many cases Grindr facilitates compulsive and detached sexual behaviour. I feel bad for teenagers who live in a world where bullying takes on a constantly connected nature. I’ve deleted the Twitter app on my phone because I feel it was having a negative impact on how I was constructing thoughts, opinions, and condensing experiences into less than 140 characters.

So on the back of all that, this fun video resonates.

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