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Fri, Oct 11, 2013, 12:03


Lorde – ‘Royals’. Being number one in America is pretty cool for a 16-year-old.
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Top interview with James Blunt in The Ticket today by Lauren Murphy. More power to him, I say. His attitude is a lesson in how to deal with ‘the haters’.

Straywave is casting for a new TV show about emigration in Vancouver.

The 7 things no one tells you about being a top screenwriter, by Diablo Cody. This is a really excellent piece. I love Diablo Cody!

Facebook is screwing around with its privacy settings again. Do do do, nothing to see here.

Speaking of privacy settings, there’s loads of Snowden/NSA stuff in the Guardian today, so it’s worth picking that up. Their coverage includes this well-placed two fingers to the Daily Mail. Wired says tech companies aim to track people more aggressively now.

Michael De Luca, the former president of New Line Cinema talks about how the movie business has changed.

Dylan Haskins and Lisa Hannigan have a new podcast.

Good piece on Alice Munro in the New York Times.