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PopLife’s HWCH Top 10

There’s so much to check out at this weekend’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival. Here are some of the best bits.

Thu, Oct 3, 2013, 15:32


Hard Working Class Heroes is one of my favourite festivals because it’s a chance to seriously binge gig around Dublin.¬†This year, there’s loads of new stuff going on at HWCH.

There are the evening and nighttime gigs.

There’s HWCH & the City – FREE daytime gigs around town.

There’s the HWCH Convention, this year taking place at the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) with loads of panels and chats and arguments and advice for bands.

There’s a bigger digital element to this year’s convention and festival with more tech heads on board broadening the discussion from music to music and the digital realm.

So, with that in mind, and in no particular order here are my top ten things to do at HWCH this weekend.

Gig: Lasertom
Friday, Twisted Pepper, 10pm
Lasertom is Simon Cullen, crunchy, retro, and fun electronic music that begs for feet on the floor. This will be fun.

Panel: Bands and Brands
Friday, Auditorium @ NDRC, 3pm
Chewy from Thinkhouse, Hazel Chu from Diageo, Paul Adams from ThinkingOutsideIn and Robert Quirke from Action Media discuss the fine line between facilitation and selling out, how far a band should go for a brand and vice versa, how the heck an act can get some of that sweet corporate moolah and more.

Free gig: DOGS
Friday, Bear, 3.30pm
It’s Dogs Vs Bear, and I have no idea how this gig is going to work and that’s why I think it’s going to be a good one.

Gig: Hozier
Thursday, The Button Factory, 10pm
One of the most buzzed about acts in Ireland at the moment, and with good reason. A killer voice, tunes with an emotional punch, and an epic video for ‘Take Me To Church’.

Panel: The Artists Talk Back
Saturday, Auditorium @ NDRC, 2pm
Sick of having brand dudes or journos or label heads rant away behind a table? This panel sees the musicians get their word in, with MayKay (Fight Like Apes), Nial Conlon (Delorentos), Conor Adams (Cast of Cheers) and Conor Deasy (Biggles Flys Again) talking shop.

Gig: Daithi
Saturday, Meeting House Square, 11.40pm
Daithi’s shows this summer have been a bunch of hugely enjoyable festival sets. So you really shouldn’t miss out on this gig, especially in the great setting of MHS.

Panel: Fund It Yourself
Saturday, Auditorium @NDRC, 4pm
Crowdfunding has obviously been a huge resource to musicians over the past while, but it’s not the only DIY funding model. How do you go about funding your musical endeavors yourself? Paul Barton of Pledge Music, Donal Scannell from Gigstarter, Andrew Hetherington from FundIt and Shane McKenna from Dabbledoo will be on hand to talk hard cash and how to generate it to propel you forward.

Gig: Tvvins
Sunday, Bad Bobs, midnight
Yay! New band awesomeness! Nialler introduced me to these guys recently, and the thought of what else Lar from Adebisi and Conor from Cast of Cheers are going to come up with is a juicy one, if thoughts can be juicy. Catch them at the beginning and then you can brag about it later.

Free gig: Maud In Cahoots
Saturday, Generator, 1pm
MiC have really grown in stature over the past couple of years, and now they’re a rather tightly honed left-of-field pop outfit that are definitely worth a look. Check them out at the Generator hostel in Smithfield on Friday, for some lunchtime vibes.

Band tips: Speed Sessions
Friday and Saturday, Auditorium @NDRC, 10am
One of the great things about HWCH is that it pools advice from loads of smart delegates and hands those words of wisdom over to bands for free. If you’re a musician starting out, there’s no excuse to miss these speed sessions and get advice from bookers, agents, management, bloggers, etc. To book your spot mail industry@hwch.net

Jim has his top 10 acts to see over here.