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Your weekly Miley Cyrus controversy round-up.

This time the singer risks serious injury by clinging naked to a wrecking ball.

Tue, Sep 10, 2013, 18:15


She’s at it again. Cyrus’ porny meltdown continues with a new video for a song called ‘Wrecking Ball’ *irony klaxon*. I wrote this piece about her hideous MTV performance, and the reaction to her latest escapade is increasingly head-shaking.

Michael Hann in the Guardian says “What’s startling about Cyrus’s journey is the extent of the embrace: the Wrecking Ball video doesn’t demonstrate a woman exploring her sexuality, it depicts a woman exploring the iconography of porn.”

The Christian Science Monitor has a piece on whether joining the angry anti-Miley mob is a good idea. She also lost some work due to the twerk.

Meanwhile Robin Thicke is still gross.