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20 things you should do at Electric Picnic

Main Stage? Electric Arena? Nah. Here are 20 other things you should check out in Stradbally.

Thu, Aug 29, 2013, 17:45


Tell your story
The Strangers Project in Mindfield invites strangers to write about whatever they want, as long as it’s true. You can read more about it here.

Go see Kate Tempest
Tempest is a trailblazing spoken word artist who encapsulates a new breed of contemporary poetry while also feeling achingly familiar. An incredibly powerful artist, she’s headlining The Word in Mindfield.

Order you booze ahead of time
Don’t let your beer get warm in traffic, or end up carrying a slab of cider a million miles like a schmuck. Order your booze through the Picnic’s online offie here.

Drop by the Love Action tent
The Love Action tent at the Picnic has jelly wedding rings, loads of info about marriage equality, and DJ sets from Donan Dineen, Nialler9, myself, Billy Scurry, Tonie Walsh, and loads of sound heads over the weekend.

Hang out in the maze
Donnacha Cahill has created a maze out of 400 washing machines. Go get lost, or at least confused.

Listen to Amy Huberman talking to Roisin Ingle
The more I encounter the fashionable ‘in conversation with’ set ups at festivals where one artist/writer/musician talks to another artist/writer/musician, the more I get allergic to them. If you want a decent conversation, you need someone with interviewing skills. Luckily, Ingle is just the right person to draw what should be a great chat out of Huberman at the Arts Council Literary Tent in Mindfield.

Go on a Shamonic journey
Sure why not, you’re on your holidays. The tipi tent in the therapies part of Body & Soul offers a variety of healing encounters, one of which can be had with Glenn Sullivan, your transformational guide from Natural Wisdom.

Feel some Good Vibrations
Also at the Arts Council Literary Tent in Mindfield on Friday night, Terri Hooley and the scriptwriters Colin Carberry and Glenn Patterson will talk about their beautiful film.

Check out Colm Mac Con Iomaire
Colm plays the Trailer Park stage, so if you fancy some awesome string action, hit it up.

Go to Savages
One of my favourite bands this year, Savages play blistering dark post-punk rock that is really worth checking out. I caught them five times in a week earlier this year and each gig was better than the last. They’re at the Cosby Stage on Saturday.

Pick up the daily Ticket
Team Ticket will be working hard all weekend to bring you the reviews you want to read, photos you want to see, and other bells and whistles at Ireland’s only festival publication.

Stay up late
*update*  Le Galaxie play Body & Soul at midnight on Sunday. It’s going to be special. Be there.

Get a blow dry
Want to look great on Sunday when all of the fresh-as-a-daisy daytrippers come scampering into the site? Hit up the Pamper Palace on Sunday morning.

Go see Lisa O’Neill
One of my favourite Irish artists plays Friday at 9.15pm in Body & Soul. Lisa is just REAL. A stunning voice, brilliantly honest songs, and such an good vibe. Sit back and just take it all in.

Look after your friends
No one wants to be the eejit who wrecks everyone’s night be being completely baloobas, or the person who loses the run of themselves on Friday night and feels like a shell of a human for the rest of the weekend. Nor do you want to hit it so hard that you spend the week after reevaluating your life and bursting into tears on the bus. Pace yourself, have a plan to meet your buddies in case you wander off, look after each other.

Talk about Soak
Philip King and Dylan Haskins are doing a bunch of Other Voices conversations in the Leviathan tent, and Soak on Friday evening should be an interesting one.

Discover Buffalo Woman
A band led by Neil Watkins is always going to be interesting, and this one also features Tim ‘Neosupervital’ O’Donovan and Zoe Reirdan, and the songs are arranged by Sean ‘Dr’ Miller. They play the Earthship stage on Saturday at 6pm.

Stop checking your phone
Seriously. It’s boring, and removes you from being present. Turn it off until you actually need it like when all of your mates went to the Salty Dog and you can’t find anyone, or bring a basic festival phone that won’t have you online every other minute.

End your festival with a brilliant disco
Mother play the Earthship stage at Body & Soul from 1am until 4am on Sunday night / Monday morning, so if you’re looking for one last bop before you head back to reality, this must be the place.

Clean up after yourself
Don’t be a dope and dump your tent in a field, or chuck plastic cups on the ground when there’s always a bin nearby, or leave your half-eaten tub of noodles all over the grass.