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Thu, Aug 8, 2013, 18:26


Great podcast on Sharknado.

You’re not allowed into the pop music building anymore unless you have some hook up with Marina Abramovic, so I’m glad someone told Lady Gaga that or else we’d never get to hear her new album.

Fascinating article on tungsten, FARC, Apple and more.

Yes! Some genius is rating the entire back catalogue of The X Files in accordance with the Bechdel Test.

“The next three Avatar sequels.” Ugh. Hand me the unobtanium.

Jim Carroll interviews Mark Yarm, author of one of my favourite oral histories.

Beards are ruining the razor economy. Makes sense.

Rejjie Snow’s new video
YouTube Preview Image

Nudie jeans has a repair shop in London now.

The Lone Ranger sucks.