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Read it and watch

A bunch of interesting articles about TV that you should read.

Tue, Jul 23, 2013, 14:37


Sinead Gleeson visits the set of Orange Is The New Black.

How Sex & The City lost its good name. (Thanks, Conor.)

Chris Hardwick is going to host a talk show about Breaking Bad.

Irish doc Showrunners got picked up for distribution at Comic Con by Submarine Entertainment.

JJ Abrams defends the changes made to Alcatraz.

TV foresees the future, Netflix is there. And here’s more of the Netflix turn around by Fast Company. (As an aside, the current issue of Fast Company is really good: there’s great stuff on Instagram, unplugging from the internet and loads more.)

The Writer’s Room sounds like a cool nerdfest of a show.

ABC has bought a new Shonda Rhimes project, called Lawless.

At the end of this Indo article there’s a mention that Raw was cancelled, something that passed me by.

The Breaking Bad spin-off focussing on Saul Goodman’s character is still happening, apparently.

An interesting perspective on Luther.