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GRINDR / a love story

An exciting new piece of spoken word documentary theatre is crowdfunding its appearance at the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Tue, Jul 23, 2013, 11:33


Oisin McKenna’s spoken word is a brilliant bombardment of contemporary life; sex, the internet, clubs, boys, pop, loneliness, city life. Since I first encountered his work at the second installment of Come Rhyme With Me, an alternative spoken word event I run with Vickey ‘Ragin’ Curtis, I’ve been captivated by it. He is a unique young voice, and has made serious progress in the last year, establishing PETTYCASH with Niamh Beirne, performing at festivals and events all over the place, and making his theatre debut with Writer/Performer/Salesman at The Theatre Machine Turns You On, Vol. 3, along with PETTYCASH’s brilliant SWEATBOX night at 10 Days In Dublin.

Now, McKenna is crowdfunding GRINDR / a love story ahead of the Dublin Fringe Festival.

He writes: “It is about the internet, sex, and frantically trying to connect. It is about a generation whose first relationships took place on Bebo, whose first sexual experiences were co-ordinated through MySpace, and who have never managed to meaningfully connect with another adult without simultaneous connection to their Facebook page. It is about human relationships, genuine connections, and Twitter. It is about sex as defined by technology or technology as defined by sex. It is about the things that bring us together.”

Here are the Top 5 Things You Need To Know About GRINDR / a love story:

There are more details here on FundIt, where you can throw the project a tenner or more if you have it to spare. It’s worth it.