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We Steal Secrets

Alex Gibney’s Wikileaks documentary is a must watch for anyone with even a passing interest in Assange and co.

Tue, Jul 16, 2013, 09:56


I went to see Alex Gibney’s documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks┬áin the Light House last night and it’s great. Aided by fantastic access to Assange from his beginnings as a hacker to his house arrest before he went all Harry Potter under the stairs in the Ecuadorian embassy, brutal honesty about the shambolic nature of the operation from Assange’s cohorts who gradually drift or are forced away from him, and excellent political insight from top dogs in secret-keeping including Michael Hayden (former director of the NSA and the CIA), Gibney gives a valuable timeline and context for the conception and subsequent actions of Wikileaks that proved to be a landmark point for whistle-blowing, truth, how governments and agencies pitch against both of those things, and the wider societal change that followed.

But really, this doc is about the betrayal of Bradley Manning, first by Adrian Lamo, then with a dash of Assange, and finally by the United States who incarcerated him for three years without trial. That trial is taking place at the moment, with Manning’s lawyers trying to get the most serious charge – ‘aiding the enemy’ – dismissed. And over much of this film hangs the shadow of Edward Snowden, with correlations to be made at several turns.

Here are the upcoming screening times at the Light House.

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