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Lost In Music? Here’s the Alternative Body & Soul Top 10

Leaving aside the headliners, what else is going to be great at this weekend’s Body & Soul festival?

Fri, Jun 21, 2013, 15:01


It was my favourite Irish festival last year, which is why I’m pretty raging I’m only making it to the Saturday of Body & Soul this weekend. But if you’re heading for one, two or three days this weekend, there’s loads to check out beyond Nick Cave, James Murphy and Nicolas Jaar. So in no particular order, here are some deadly things you should try to check out.

1. The Wonderlust Stage
I’ve picked out a couple of individual highlights from the Wonderlust stage on this list, but because there’s too much to mention, you really need to explore this collection of joy, divilment, curiosity and general braininess. Additional highlights to the ones I’ve mentioned include sets from Spilly Walker, Laura Sheeran, Si Schroeder, Chequerboard, ┬áJennifer Evans, Lisa O’Neill, Richie Egan and more.

2. Mother
The best club night in Dublin does a great line at festivals, bringing its mobile disco party to anyone who’s up for it. With Ghostboy holding forth on Friday night, this corner of the festival will be the only place to be, dance, and Get Lucky.

3. Maser’s forest installation
Check out Maser’s installation of parallel lines sweeping through the trees.

4. Wallis Bird’s Hob Nob Surprise at Dux & Co.
You’ll be able to purchase this delicious savoury and sweet treat at the Dux & Co stall, which in my opinion served up the best grub last year.

5. Le Cool’s future gazing
LCTD Soundsystem: Flashforward sees Le Cool gather some sound and smart heads and ask them to envisage what Dublin looks like in the future, and for that you might need a…

6. Hot tub time machine
While not strictly a time machine (although that depends on what your state of mind is at 4am), Boundless Bathing offers a chance to soak your weary bones. I’ve never actually done the whole hot-tub-at-a-festival thing, but I’m assured that it’s worthwhile. Bring your togs, and a towel.

7. Arbitus Yarns Music Theatre
Want a moment to chill but also be entertained? Arbitus Yarns Music Theatre will show 150 music live music films by Myles O’Reilly, and some of the musicians featured will be dropping in for chats.

8. Trailblaze
The Trailblazery has been one of the most inspiring additions to the country’s chateconomy over the past couple of years, growing in depth, changing up spaces, introducing audiences to super interesting people, and generally leaving you with a large serving of food for thought.

9. Disco singing contest
Yes, this is a thing. Learn all the words off to ‘Lady Marmalade’, and astound the audience with your vocal prowess to win a ticket to Body & Soul 2014. Now THAT’S forward planning.

If you haven’t witnessed the breakneck awesomeness of Oisin McKenna’s coy, hilarious and touching spoken word pieces about going out in town or staying home on the internet, you need to check him out this weekend.