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Russell Brand makes mince meat of MSNBC

Watch the comedian (through your fingers, if you must) tear the Morning Joe crew on MSNBC apart.

Wed, Jun 19, 2013, 12:21


If you, like me, ever feel as though your brain is slowly seeping out your ears watching American ‘news’ programmes, then this one is for you. Brand is obviously an extremely intelligent person, but his hammering of the bumbling idiocy that typifies so much of American network’s news-current affairs-lifestyle crossover programming just shows how everything falls apart when someone won’t play ball – in the most polite way possible (well, until the end.)

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What’s also really interesting is that there are no questions posed. A “serious” question put is actually the world’s most benign type of ‘do you prefer movies or stand-up’ stock snoredom. Brand is brilliant, eviscerating the room, taking on the mock disbelief that these people are actually paid to do something so badly, and trying to drill some smarts into them. Eventually, amongst such a weak format, he takes charge out of frustration, boredom and exasperation, all perfectly controlled and executed.