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Cooking with Heathers

As the twins head back to Canada, check them out whipping up some poutine.

Fri, Jun 14, 2013, 09:11


What’s weird is I did the EXACT same thing when I came back from Toronto after eating ALL of the poutine in diners such as Lakeview and Sneaky Dee’s.

YouTube Preview Image

But those gravy granules are evil, you need to get your Bisto X Oxo combo on. And poutine chips are skinny, not chunky like our chipper chips. And the cheese needs to be cut in smaller bits and melted for ages to mimic poutine’s cheese curd. Godammit Heathers, now I want poutine.

Heathers play the Rivoli in Toronto on June 25th, O Patro Vys in Montreal on the 26th, and Café Dekcuf in Ottawa on the 27th with their full band.