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The Electric Picnic Citizen Naturalisation Test

Prove that you’re a Picnic diehard.

Thu, Apr 25, 2013, 16:44


This year, Electric Picnic has an unusual ticket pricing system that rewards people who have been loyal attendees of the festival by offering a cheaper ticket price via a convoluted system of Ticketmaster codes, old wristbands, locks of Glen Hansard’s hair, and alkaline soil tests from the soles of wellies.

However, I’ve come up with a far better indicator of whether or not you’re really a Picnichead: The Electric Picnic Citizen Naturalisation Test. Put your hand on your heart, sing ‘Sound Of Silver’ backwards while standing on one foot eating a Pieminister, and then answer these questions in the comment facility. Your reward will not be a cheaper ticket, but ultimate festival respect.


1. What did Grace Jones APPARENTLY demand before she went on stage in 2008?
A. Oysters from the west of Ireland.
B. A custom-made Philip Treacy hat in the shape of John Reynolds.
C. 14 bottles of Armand de Brignac.

2. In 2011, band members of which headline act joined the crowd unnoticed to watch Lykke Li’s main stage performance?

3. In 2010, Fight Like Apes covered a 1987 rap B-side. Name that tune.

4. In 2008, there was a mass singalong of ‘Happy Birthday’ on site. But whose birthday was it?

5. In 2006, which Irish singer was given a free pass to curate a stage?

6. How many times has James Murphy appeared at the festival (either with a band or solo)?

7. In 2012, which band stole sweets (but not beer) from The Ticket’s production cabin in the media area?

8. In 2010, some of Massive Attack’s visuals adopted the appearance of a piece of medical equipment. What is that machine called?

9. Which Tyler, The Creator song did Flying Lotus play during his set in 2011?

10. A singer of an Irish indie-pop band appeared in a seagull costume during his performance at the thisispopbaby tent. Name the band.

11. According to court reports, how much were The Killers paid to play in 2012?

12. In 2011, there were 750 of what on site?
A: bags of yokes
B: toilets
C: ostrich burgers

13. In 2007, who designed the ‘pod’ stage in the Body & Soul area?

14. Who curated the theatre stage in 2012?

15. In 2006, which young world-famous celebrity denied she married her then boyfriend on site?

16. Whose performance opened the main stage on Friday in 2010?

17. Who announced from the stage in 2008 “I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat.”?

18. In 2005, which DJ handed out holographic glasses that created an illusion of seeing smiley faces when they were worn? Seriously, I didn’t just imagine that, right? RIGHT?

19. The thisispopbaby tent famously closed its doors temporarily one year so all of the organisers and participants could see a particular act. Who was the act?

20. Who did Electric Ireland (née ESB) recruit to get people dancing in 2012?