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The Bling Ring trailer

The trailer for Sofia Coppola’s ‘based on true events’ turn is here.

Wed, Apr 24, 2013, 15:47


I’ve been so excited about this Sofia Coppola movie, based on the bunch of kids who broke into celebrity homes since I heard she was writing it. The story is captivating: a group of LA youngsters trying to simultaneous be and take from the stars by busting into their gaffs and grabbing what they could.

YouTube Preview Image

Privacy: destroyed by social media, celebrity: built through the media, wealth: accumulated through whatever means necessary, consumerism: driven by unattainable goals set by celebrities and their media coverage – it’s an intoxicating mix.

Coppola’s last picture, ‘Somewhere’ was a stagnant, constipated look at the loneliness and pointlessness of celebrity, but this looks like a nuclear version of that, amplified by the brashness of brazen crime.

What a killer line at the end of the trailer as well: “what did Lindsay say?” Even in a police station, she still wants the goss, the access, the closeness, the exclusive.