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The Rain Failed to Dampen Spirits.

What if people actually spoke like how music festivals are reported?

Sun, Apr 21, 2013, 14:39


Punter: “So, how was [insert music festival with possible additional 'arts' element]?”

Reveler: “The rain failed to dampen my spirits.”

Punter: “That’s great. What about the other revelers?”

Reveler: “They also remained upbeat. Would you like to see some photographs?”

Punter: “Sure, something that would best illustrate the revelry, please.”

[Reveler shows punter 19 photographs of women in their 20s doing a lackluster can-can with floral and leopard print-motif wellington boots]

Punter: “Aha, revelers from South County Dublin showing off their pins. They seem festival fit. But it looks like there’s some mud on the ground.”

Reveler: “We came well prepared, so not even the mud could stifle our enjoyment of the occasion.”

Punter: “I presume the ground became noticeably firmer when the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds?”

Reveler: “Funny you should mention that, because that’s exactly what happened.”

Punter: “What were some highlights, just to name a few?”

Reveler: “Well [nostalgia band on mortgage/rehab-paying world tour] were set to headline on Saturday night.”

Punter: “And how did that go?”

Reveler: “The large crowd in attendance soaked up their hits, such as [forgettable 90s top 10 track] and [cover song] and [sentimental encore that reminded aging crowd of their fading youth].”

Punter: “I’m imagining a mass singalong to cap the electric vibe, but I just can’t picture it.”

Reveler: “Don’t worry, here’s a photo I took from the pit of hands outstretched with stage lighting illuminating their smiling faces.”

Punter: “That illustrates atmosphere. Presumably then you all retired to the campsite to rest your weary heads after a long day of revelry?”

Reveler: “Not so, many of us partied well into the night.”

Punter: “To soak up the late night atmosphere?”

Reveler: “Yes indeed. And also to enjoy the outrageousness of skinny men dressed in coloured lycra body suits [shows photo of skinny men in an assortment of coloured full-body lycra suits].”

Punter: “Zany.”

Reveler: “That’s festivals for you. The unexpected is always around the corner.”

Punter: “Collective experience.”

Reveler: “What you’re forgetting though, is that there were several camping alternatives to the tried and tested tent.”

Punter: “You’re kidding me!”

Reveler: “No, I’m deadly serious. Music fans could also choose from an eclectic selection of unbelievably overpriced options such as painted dog kennels and musty fabric yurts from slightly shifty external companies.”

Punter: “Boutique. Glamping. Other festival-related words I’ve gleaned from news reports.”

Reveler: “But it wasn’t just music on offer.”

Punter: “No?”

Reveler: “No, there were laughs from [comedians no one went to see], a lively and informative [panel of hungover journalists], and a play area for children.”

Punter: “Don’t you mean festival tots?”

Reveler: “Yes, sorry.”

Punter: “How diverse! Anything else?

Reveler: “Of course. There was also an environmentally conscious element depicted in an abstract manner.”

Punter: “But what could festival-goers do to keep their hunger at bay?”

Reveler: “There was an array of gourmet delights on offer, far removed from the dodgy chip van of festivals past.”

Punter: “[Reference to Feile / Self Aid]”

Reveler: “Ha ha. Memories and nostalgia.”

Punter: “Tell me this, which celebrities mingled in the VIP area?”

Reveler: “A TV3 news reporter, a 30-something male backbencher in a Radiators From Space t-shirt, and someone who used to present a gardening programme.”

Punter: “Wow. No wonder they couldn’t be tempted to leave the glamorous enclosure in order to mix with the great unwashed. What kind of perks could they avail of?”

Reveler: “Things such as [made up freebies that never materialise but are designed to fool public into thinking that VIP areas are something to be jealous of].”

Punter: “No recession there then. But what I really want to know about is the backstage gossip.”

Reveler: “Well, I presume you heard about [recycled myth about Grace Jones' demands.]”

Punter: “No I didn’t! How exclusive!”

Reveler: “And also [aging Irish musician] watched [aging Irish musicians] from the side of the stage for their eclectic set during which they mixed hits of old with some new and fresh material.”

Punter: “How many people were in attendance?”

Reveler: “An overly optimistic figure cited by the organisers who happen to be having financial problems.”

Punter: ” And was trouble kept to a minimum?”

Reveler: “Yes. In fact there were just a small number of arrests, mostly for drug possession for personal use.”

Punter: “So the gardai must have been happy that the event passed off peacefully and without any major incidents, then?”

Reveler: “Indeed, in fact [parochial garda sergeant on overtime pay] was delighted with both the gardai’s preparation and policing, and of course the cooperation of the crowd.”

Punter: “Probably because the music enthusiasts were in such happy and friendly spirits throughout the weekend.”

Reveler: “Yes, because everyone was completely wankered.” REDACTED

Punter: “Did anything actually dampen anyone’s spirits?”

Reveler: “Unfortunately the [rumoured act that actually would have been brilliant] failed to materialise. But in fairness to the great crowd, that…

Punter: “… let me guess, didn’t dampen their spirits?”

Reveler: “How did you know?!”